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"Stop Being Just A Friend"

-By Kevin B. author of "Any Woman, Anywhere"

If you've ever wanted to be more than just a friend
to a woman in your life, you're going to find today's
email VERY interesting...


Hi Kevin,

First of all, I'd just like to say that I've
bought a few e-books on the subject of women,
dating and creating attraction and yours is the
first I've read that's told me from the first that
I shouldn't feel like some sort of loser because I
have difficulty in attracting or talking to women.
So thank you.

So to my problem. There's a woman in my life whom
I'm close to and I would like there to be more than
friendship between us. She's a bit younger than me
and we've known each other for a few years on and

Just over a year ago I told her that I was
attracted to her and she told me that she had been
attracted to me in the past but saw us as friends

Over the next couple of months, I didn't hear from
her at all although I texted her and tried calling
her a few times but gave up. Then a while later she
got back in touch, said she missed me and could we
meet to talk. So we met and re-established the

In the meantime, she'd started seeing a guy who
treated her badly and eventually she dumped
him. We still see each other regularly and sometimes
the conversations get intense. She frequently
touches me on the leg or arm during conversations
and there's always a lot of eye contact.

She knows I'm still attracted to her but maintains
that she doesn't want to go out with anyone just
now. Spending time with her is great and
intoxicating but I always feel a bit depressed for
a while after she's gone.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

J., Scotland


The reason I included this email is because it's
one of several "themes" guys write in about over
and over and over again.


If you are like most guys, you probably have
been seen as only a friend by at least 1 woman
who you would have like to have seen you as much,
much more than just a friend.

Me too, buddy, too many times to count.

When you first meet a woman, especially an
attractive one, odds are you put on a "good face."
You act polite and friendly. You listen to what
she's saying.

You want to know why?

Because you mistakenly belive that this is the way
to "get them" to like you, to be attracted to you.

So you don't do anything that might "rock the boat."
You're on your best behavior.

And you get what you want. They like you.

Sure they like you, but your behavior triggers in
them the reaction, "He's a nice guy," rather than
"He's a guy I'm attracted to."

You see, the problem is, they only like you as a

I know most men have been taught that if we act
like a "gentleman," and treat women with "respect,"
that will make them like us.

But in reality, nothing could be farther from the

Because if you act like a friend, you'll be seen
as a friend.

If you act like a potential date, you force the
woman you're with to make a decision: Does she
see you as a potential date, or not?

I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER interact with a woman who
I'm attracted to without letting her know,
directly or indirectly, that I see her as a
woman, not just as some friend.

Often, even the VERY FIRST WORDS I tell a woman
I've just met suggest I notice her as a woman,
rather than as just some friend.

And because of this, it has been YEARS since I've
found myself in a situation where I was "just
friends" with a woman I was attracted to.

It simply doesn't happen anymore.

You must decide for yourself if you're looking for
female friends, or if you're looking for something

And if you're looking for something more, STOP

And be smart enough to know that the odds of a
female friend becoming more than a friend if she's
not initially interested in you is about 1 in a

One mistake that all the guys who write in
asking for advice on how to make a woman more than
just a friend make is they don't establish themselves

Making this mistake does 2 things:

1)Once a woman see you as a "nice friend," it's
very hard to ever be seen as something more.

2)The longer you wait to Cross The Line and let a
woman know you're interested, the harder it is to do

So most guys drive themselves crazy trying to get
up their courage to finally let a "female friend"
know they're interested, and then when they
finally do they find out that in her mind they
have already been locked and sealed into the
coffin of friendship.

Interestingly, the things you need to do to build
attraction are often the OPPOSITE of the things to
do if you just want to be friends.

And guess what?

They are also much more FUN than trying to listen
to what women are saying, being nice and
polite and appropriate, etc.

By the way, most of this "nice" behavior only
serves to create in women the feeling of BOREDOM.

Boredom is the opposite of attraction.

Write that down on a piece of paper. Hell, get it
tatooed. It's that important.

And if you're honest with yourself, I bet you'd
admit that this behavior bores YOU as well.

So how do you stop boring not only the women you
date, but yourself as well?

How do you start mastering the art of attraction?

How do you get out of the "Nice Guy Trap?"

Well, you're going to need to get a new type of
education. And I haven't found a better education
on this subject that the one you can get in my ebook,
"Any Woman, Anywhere."

Not only will you learn how to stop having female
friends, but you'll also learn how to meet new
women and get numbers in less than 1 minute, what
to do on dates to build attraction, how to avoid
the most common mistakes guys make when
interacting with women, easy ways to take things
physical, and much, much more.

And as the guy in the opening letter said, my book
is one of the only books on the market that
doesn't make you feel like a bit of a loser for
not having the success with women you want.

You're not a loser. The truth is MOST guys don't
have women figured out yet. You just need to
educate yourself, and educate yourself with the
best material available.

Click below to check it out:


You'll be glad you did.

To Your Success With Women,

Kevin B.

Copyright 2004 Kevin Bates Global Inc. All righs reserved. "Any Woman, Anywhere" is a trademark of Kevin Bates Global Inc.