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"How To Keep Your Cool With Women"

-By Kevin B. author of "Any Woman, Anywhere"


Hey Kevin,

I'm having great success! After reading the first
part of your book, I got this girl whom I've liked
for awhile to give me her number. The only problem
is that I keep getting mixed signals from her.
Even though I got her number, I'm not sure if she
wants to actually be my lady. How do I keep myself
from falling into the friend category forever? And
she has a boyfriend, so what do I do?

K.C, Washington, D.C



First off, nice job following my tips and getting
her number..


You go from getting her number to worrying about
whether or not she wants to be your "lady."

Dude, the jump from getting a number to getting a
girlfriend is just about as wide as the grand

And your not going to leap the whole thing with
a single jump.

So slow WAY DOWN.

Stop worrying about whether or not she wants to be
your lady, and focus instead of building attraction
in her and having fun.

If you have fun and build attraction, she may (down
the road) want to be your lady.

But I'll tell you what:

If you come across as a guy who is WORRYING about
how she feels about you, this hurts your chances

It gives HER the power. And it makes you come
across as NEEDY, which is a big time attraction

So take a deep breath, calm down, and focus on
having fun when you're with her, and building

If you don't know how to build attraction, review
the bonus eBooklet on Attraction that came with
my eBook. It's got tons of great tips.



Hello Kevin,

I just want to thank you for all this advice.

Two days ago I was at work and a beautiful lady
walked in to my office. She was asking for directions
to the nearest shopping mall and without me asking
for anything she give me her phone number and she
told me that may be we can out some time. I never knew
that could happen to me.





Don't tell me you're SURPRISED that after reading my
tips women are handing over their numbers to

I mean, didn't you see the guarantee on my website:

"My eBook is guaranteed to have women give you their
phone numbers automatically, without you even asking
for them.

Just read the book, and it'll happen like magic.


Seriously guys, what's up with all these fellas writing
in lately with stories of women offering their numbers
without even asking for them?

And how come this doesn't happen to me???

I think I'm starting to have a complex about it.

What's that saying?

"When the student surpasses the teacher, the teacher
should pack up his bags, move to Hawaii and become
a surf bum."

Well, maybe next week. For now, there's still some guys
I want to help.

Nice "work" Leo.



How u doing kev??

I see many hot girls every day but i don't know how
to start the talk :(. And something else, even if i
start the talk i don't know what to talk with her

i hope u can help me kev.

Mr. X, Malaysia



First step is go get my eBook. It's lays out step
by step how to start conversations with women you've
just met, and how to keep the conversations going.

But for now, let me share a very interesting story:

This last week a friend of mine was on a business trip.

On the way through the airport he noticed a cute
worker at the security checkpoint.

He said one thing to her, and instantly she was smiling.

You know what he said?

Would you LIKE to know what he said?

I thought you would.

What he said was:

"Are you checking me out...again?"

A simple statement, right?

Okay, so what's going on here:

He used something I talk a lot about, which is
TEASING women into feeling attraction for you.

He was also setting up the "frame" of attraction
by starting a sexually charged conversation.

And, the whole thing had an element of humor in

Whenever humor works its because there is a piece
of truth in it.

The truth in this situation is that the woman actually
was looking at him.

Was she checking him out?

Probably not.

But by interpreting what she was doing in a sexual,
assumptive way, he pushed the attraction buttons in


Now, are these magical words?

Absolutely not.

If you go out and try the same thing, are you going
to have the same success?

Maybe, maybe not.

It depends on how you communicate, as well as how
much of your inner psychology you have handled.

Some guys just need a quick technique like this, and
because they have the psychology stuff handled they
go out and instantly have success.

But most guys need to work on it more. Because without
the inner psychology stuff addressed (like confidence,
need for approval, etc.), she'll see right through
the technique, see that you haven't developed into to
a masculine, strong man yet, and it simply won't

If you think you still have a ways to go into
developing into this strong man that naturally attracts
women, here's two piece of advice:

1) go get my eBook to get an education
2) take action anyway. Don't wait. Don't use your
lack of confidence as an excuse NOT to take action.
The interesting thing is taking action is a big
step in building your confidence.

So do it.

Oh, and one more thing:

After flirting with the security woman, my friend
went on to have a fun, attraction-based conversation
with a woman sitting next to him while waiting for
the plane, and another one with a woman who was
busy reading a magazine, and of course another one
with the two women he choose to sit down between on
the flight itself.

Do you want to be this type of guy who easily has
conversations like these with women where you go?

I know you do. Who wouldn't?

The question is when are you going to do something
about it?

Maybe you've been receiving my newsletters for some
time, and the next step for you is to go download
my book right now.

Or maybe it's to call me for one on one coaching
over the phone.

But whatever it is, DO SOMETHING.


And reading my newsletters DOESN'T COUNT.

There's 2 sources of knowledge:

1) Education
2) Experience

You need both to succeed with women.

One without the other simple won't work.

Now, most guys make the mistake of focusing
too much on the "education" side of this

They'll read newsletters on dating.

They'll read books on dating.

Hell, they may have an entire library at home.

But when it comes to taking the action they
need to get the knowledge that only comes from
applying education through EXPERIENCE, they
stop short.


Because studying success with women is EASIER
and more COMFORTABLE than actually going out
into the field and applying what you're studying
with real women.

Sitting in the stands will never get you the
rewards you're looking for, both in terms of
success with women and in terms of becoming
a strong, masculine, secure male.

To get those rewards, you must act, not just

Here's my advice:

1) Go download my book right now
2) Read it for 30 minutes
3) Apply 1 new idea with 3 different women.

If you're not willing to take some action besides
studying success with women, do yourself a
favor and remove yourself from this newsletter.

I don't want to contribute to you building a nice
cozy home well inside your comfort zone.

Bust down those walls today by taking some sort
of new action.

Here's where you should check out my eBook:


You'll be glad you did.

To Your New Success With Women,

Kevin B.

Copyright 2004 Kevin Bates Global Inc. All righs reserved. "Any Woman, Anywhere" is a trademark of Kevin Bates Global Inc.