Secrets to Impressing Single Women for Love and Romance

This week I want to discuss a few easy ways to make a lasting impression on single women that you are attracted to. Women love a gentleman and by being a gentleman, this is an easy way to capture a woman's heart.

So, what are these little simple things you can do to make single women desire you and make a lasting impression ?

  • Always open her car door for her. She will expect you to and if you don't she may hold it against you.
  • When at a restaurant always pull her chair out for her when you get to your table.
  • Always help her put her coat on. Before you help her always say, "Here, let me help you with your coat."
  • When walking with a woman on the sidewalk, always walk with you being closest to the street. This is to protect her from any traffic that may wander off the road.
  • If she smokes, always light her cigarette for her.
These examples of good manners may not seem very important to you, but I can assure you that they are very important to single women. They will notice these little gestures and she will be very impressed. And that's your main objective when dating women - to impress them, make them feel special, and make them want you.

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