Don't Fall too Hard for Single Women too Soon.
Why you should never fall in love with single women too soon. You need to take your time and not rush romance.

Today I want to talk about falling in love with single women too fast and too soon.

Because of our raging hormones and thinking as if our brain is between our legs, men tend to fall in love (or lust) at first site. Even after a first date that went really well you may think that you are in love. I can assure you that it is really not love. It's just infatuation. Love takes time to develop. It just doesn't happen overnight.

And what's frustrating about your tendency of falling in love too fast is that women usually don't react the same way. They are a lot more cautious and like to take their time and get to know someone before they develop strong feelings toward a guy.

So, let me give you some valuable advice. Whatever you do, don't tell a woman you love them on your first or second date. This will only scare her away. Trust me on this one!

Another tip is to not talk about seeing her all the time until you feel that she feels the same way mutually. Take things slow! Don't be a clinger and smoother her either. Don't make her feel like your whole world revolves around her. Play a little hard to get and make yourself a challenge for her.

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