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Real Success with Real Sexy People:
Six tips to getting into the SexyAds action!

1. Make ‘eye’ contact
Getting noticed at SexyAds is not rocket science. It’s as simple as reminding yourself to log in every day. This keeps your account ‘fresh’ and gets you closer to the top of ‘most recent’ search and browse listings. Remember the old saying: “Out of sight, out of mind”.

2. Shine from the inside
Being in a good mood and a positive frame of mind does wonders for your chances at SexyAds. Confidence can be the sexiest thing in the world! Be funny, flirty, sexy and seductive.

3. Be open to possibilities
At SexyAds, as in life, it’s crazy to get stuck on one person if it’s going nowhere. Share yourself around. Don’t be afraid to send lots of messages, ad replies and emails (be sure to read each ad carefully and respond appropriately). There really are plenty of fish in the SexyAds sea!

4. Practise your pick-up lines
The great thing about our SexyAds chatrooms is that you can join in the fun and just go with the flow. And before you know it – bam! – you’ve clicked with someone! Better still, we have 14 different chatrooms to choose from, each with its own theme or special sexual interest. 

5. Flash that killer smile (or other bits!)
Your photo at SexyAds can be like a well-timed smile or a cheeky wink. That’s why it’s important you make sure you’ve uploaded a good pic of yourself. Some folks love to see a smiling face. Others enjoy checking out hot bods and bits. Either way, photos can enormously increase the number of messages and ad replies you get!

6.  Show ‘em you’ve got personality
Your ad is the perfect opportunity to convey your interests, dreams, desires and fantasies. Be sure it gets your personality across. Check that it has no obvious spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

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